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Why install piles before construction?

Certain soils such as clay soils which are compacted under the effect of dryness, have an insufficient bearing capacity to support the weight of a building. Installation of piles before construction is less expensive than the stabilization of a building and makes it possible to avoid all the other expenses connected to the degradation of a sinking foundation.

When is it best to install piles?

A study of the soil, carried out by a certified laboratory, will determine the composition of the soil and its bearing capacity. Based on this information, we can determine whether or not there is a need for piles before construction.

Pieux Metropolitain’s solution

Compact equipment, specialist in restricted places!

Pieux Metropolitain’s equipment is, compact and uses cutting edge technology, making it possible to install piles with the new foundations and also in restricted places, such as building extensions or solariums.

The piles are pounded into rock or load bearing strata ensuring the stability of new buildings.